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    Our wish list - pretty simple and straight forward.

    We need just about everything in our quest to continue a NO-KILL, NO-CAGE animal shelter.    Except residents, right now we have about 95 cats mostly young cats (kittens to about 1 year), we also have a some older cats that range from 5 years to 11  years old.

    Our greatest need is food, both dry and canned. We ask that if you are donating cat food, please use a quality brand (9-lives, Purina, etc). Many of the generic brands are full of fillers, cereal and dyes, which are not healthy for the cats
    and cause stomach problems for our cats.

    Adopt Me    Adopt Me

    We are also in need of cat litter, we use a lot of it. Regular clay UNSCENTED litter is what we mainly use. Scoopable litter would be better as we would use less.

    Also Postage Stamps, Whiskas cat treats, dried catnip, cat toys (those small furry mice are a big favorite) are also a great help and always in need. 

    We can always use Cleaning Supplies - Paper towels, trash bags, Pine Sol or other non-toxic cleaner, laundry detergent, basically anything you can think of.

    Volunteers and Foster Caregivers are also needed.

    Our biggest need is CASH, to help pay the our vet bills,. If you are interested in making a donation, click the donate button Adopt Mebelow to be linked to our Paypal site. You can donate with your credit card.

    Or you can send a check or money order to :
    615 Albany Street
    Little Falls, NY 13365

    And Please remember to Spay/neuter all your pets!

    Adopt us! Please

    Each cat is checked by a vet, spayed or neutered and they are also tested for feline AIDS & Leukemia, then are put into our cat colony to socialize with other cats so they can be adopted in a home of their own or learn to live with others.

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